Hotel information from A to Z

If you have any questions about your stay, our staff at the front desk will be happy to help you.

Check in
from 15.00 h
Check out
until 10.30 h
from 07.00 h until 10.00 h in the breakfast restaurant 1st floor, in front of the reception desk
references for the behavior in case of firealarm are in the writing table
rooms with electric heating: temperature regulation happens via tableau on the entry to the bathroom and inside the bathroom (do not use the thermostat / stud on the heater) rooms without electric heating: turn the thermostat step 1 - 5
located in the writing desk (please state the consumption on the front desk, it will be booked on room invoice)
Emergency no.
fire / rescue service 112
Hotel Europa 03581 - 42 35 -0
police 110
police station Goerlitz 03581 - 65 00
located in the 1st floor, manned usually from 06.00 h until 10.00 h
is in the wardrobe
phone no. 03581 - 400 800
for outside calls preselect „0“ and add the requested number (possible for German landline) for incoming calls please let select 03581 - 42 35 -1 and the room number
entry via staircase or 1st floor across from the breakfast restaurant
Tourist information
phone no. 03581 - 47 57 -0
get your free wireless-Lan-code on the reception

You can get further information about your stay at the front desk or at