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Experience Görlitz

The European city of Görlitz / Zgorzelec lies in the heart of Europe, directly on the 15th longitude in the Free State of Saxony, the "pearl in the triangle" Germany - Poland - Czech Republic. Here you can live . . . and experience! Whether Late Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque or Art Nouveau: In Germany's easternmost city there are 4500 listed buildings waiting to be discovered. Be enchanted by the charm of one of the most beautiful German cities during a visit!

Rich in experience, surprising, inspiring - this is how a day in Görlitz can be. This clip shows new and refreshing recordings from the European city. He undertakes a ramble in which one not only gets to know the classic highlights such as the impressive St. Peter's Church and the magnificent Dom Kultury building - the eye is also drawn to details. Have fun watching!


Excursions in Görlitz

The German-Polish European city of Görlitz / Zgorzelec delights its visitors with its remarkable architectural monuments and its diverse cultural life. Here you will find the calendar of events for Görlitz and the surrounding area.

City of Görlitz on the Internet
Whether tourist or resident, on the internet presence of the city you will find all information about Görlitz: citizen information and contacts, tourist service with travel offers and interesting facts about city life. Experience the German-Polish European city with its overwhelming architectural diversity and cultural highlights.

Lake Berzdorf
After completion the Berzdorfer lake in the south of Görlitz offers varied leisure possibilities for water, nature, sport and culture enthusiasts.

Gerhart Hauptmann-Theater Görlitz-Zittau
The Gerhart Hauptmann-Theater (GHT) delights its audiences in Görlitz and Zittau with music theatre, dance and drama as well as concerts by the New Lausitz Philharmonic Orchestra.

Görlitz Museums
Discover valuable treasures of art, culture and science or experience a journey around the world in Lusatia's largest natural history museum! Görlitz offers a multitude of museums from different fields. From history to modernity, art and nature.

Cinema Görlitz
Cinema programme, events and offers as well as ticket reservations for the Palast Theater Görlitz.

Landskron Brewery Manufactory
The treasures of the traditional Landskron brewery are stored behind listed brick walls in the 12m deep vaulted cellar. Since its foundation in 1869, the brewery has brewed beer according to traditional methods with open, hand-guided fermentation.

Crown Görlitz
Situated southwest of the city centre, the local mountain of the city of Görlitz - a former volcano around which many legends and myths entwine - offers a fantastic view of Görlitz and its surroundings.

Zoo Görlitz
With an area of five hectares and an animal population of around 500 specimens in 120 species, the nature conservation animal park in Görlitz is one of the smallest in the whole of Germany. The botanical gem near the old town of Görlitz was designed with a lot of creativity and has been one of the most beautiful of the smaller zoos for many years.

The surrounding area of Görlitz

Görlitz lies in the middle of the legendary Upper Lusatia. From Bautzen via Görlitz to the border triangle of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, there is an extraordinary cultural region that invites you to discover and linger.

City of Zittau on the Internet
Nestled in the Zittau basin, surrounded by the Zittau mountains and Lusatian highlands lies an idyllic city with a very special flair. Zittau is regarded as a link in a Europe of open borders, as a "city in the border triangle"; and is the administrative, educational and cultural centre in the south of the district of Görlitz. The cultural trail of the "City of Lenten Cloths" connects numerous sights and holds great treasures in store.

City of Bautzen on the Internet
Discover Bautzen, its old town with its monuments, towers and atmospheric pubs, its history, its culture, its surroundings. Bautzen is also regarded as the cultural and political centre of Upper Lusatia with many traditions and customs that have survived to this day. Bautzen is worth a visit at any time of the year.

City of Löbau on the Internet
In the city of Löbau, centrally located in the border triangle of Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland, crafts, architecture and culture from an almost 800-year history are closely interwoven with the modern life of the city. Löbau, a cosy city with charm, offers all kinds of things to look at and marvel at, numerous shops to stroll through and a modern but at the same time historical atmosphere.

Oder-Neisse Cycle Route
An excellent cycle route along the border rivers Oder and Neiße, which offers you the possibility to relax your soul next to beautiful nature, interesting places and historical areas.

Cycle Route "Saxon City Route" 
In 1346, six towns in Upper Lusatia had joined together to form a protective alliance, the "Oberlausitzer Sechsstädtebund". Get to know four of them - Görlitz, Löbau, Bautzen and Kamenz - on the "Saxon City Route". Experience the magic of picturesque landscapes and villages of different character.

Lake Bärwald
Saxony's largest lake - this is just one superlative for the open pit residual hole. A leisure area for sailing enthusiasts from Lusatia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Neisse Tours
Explore some of the last unspoilt rivers in the border triangle of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic on rafting rafts.

Königshain Mountains
The approx. 20 minutes by car west of Görlitz situated landscape conservation area inspires climbers as well as hikers with numerous quarries and dreamlike forests.

Zittau Mountains Nature Park
A surprisingly diverse holiday and cultural landscape awaits you. The nature park impresses with its sandstone cliffs reminiscent of mythical creatures, fantastic views and a variety of offers for hikers, active sportsmen, cultural holidaymakers, families and nature lovers.

Saxon Switzerland National Park
Steep cliffs, famous castles, idyllic towns and romantic hiking trails in the middle of the National Park are worth a holiday in Saxon Switzerland. The most popular excursion destination in Saxon Switzerland is the Basteifelsen in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. From the Bastei Bridge you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the deep Elbe Valley and the Table Mountains.

Via Sacra
The "Via Sacra" is a tourist route through Upper Lusatia, Lower Silesia and Northern Bohemia, which leads you to unique sacral buildings and art treasures in the triangle of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. Forget the stress and hectic pace of everyday life. Immerse yourself in a time of ancient cultures.

Pilgrim paths
Görlitz is an ideal starting point for pilgrims from all over the world on their way through Europe to Santiago de Compostela, where the tomb of the Apostle James is considered the destination of many pilgrims.

Individual offers


At the request of our guests we offer the following tourist services:

  • Guided city tour in all cities between Dresden and Breslau e. g. Bautzen, Schirgiswalde, Löbau, Zittau, Reichenbach/OL, Niesky, Weissenberg / Kreis Bautzen, Lauban, Sagen, Haynau, Bunzlau, Liegnitz, Neumarkt, Wahlstatt etc.
  • We also accompany our guests on multi-day tours
  • Thematic city tours in Görlitz:
    - a view of the old town (Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque)
    - along the medieval city wall and the defensive towers (construction, function, demolition)
    - Architecture and history following the German-French War (Gründerzeit and Jugenstil)
    - on the traces of personalities of the transition from the late Middle Ages to modern times (Scultestus, Böhme, Tschirmhaus)
    - Görlitz - Zgorzelec, the first international European city since 5 May 1998
  • Excursion to the Giant Mountains, Zittau Mountains, Jizera Mountains
  • Castle tours in the Hirschberg Valley, including PAULINUM Castle, SCHILDAU Castle, LOMNITZ Castle, STONSDORF Castle, SCHWARZBACH Castle, BUCHWALD Forest, FISCHBACH Castle, ERDMANNSDORF Castle, BOBERSTEIN Castle (some castles charge admission / 5 rooms)

Presentations and lectures:

  • on the history of Silesia
  • Personalities working on the former trade route "via - regia" and in Silesia
  • on the history of settlement east of the "Elbe Saale cultural boundary"
  • the Niedere Strasse, from Bruges (Belgium) to Wroclaw
  • the High Road (via regia) from Spain to Kiev
  • in the footsteps of the Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine
  • Upper Lusatia in the past and present (culture and science)
  • the position of the Cistercians in the development of the settlement area east of the cultural border

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